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Human Resources

ACP Traductera has invested significant resources in recruiting, testing and training linguists, IT specialists and project managers. As a result, the ACP Traductera team consists of more than 1,500 translators, proofreaders, editors, QA specialists, project managers, localization engineers, and DTP specialists. Our quality assurance strategy ensures that:
Our translators:
Translate in their mother tongue    
Live and work in the target-language country  
Have a university degree  
Are professionally qualified and experienced    
Have passed strict, subject-related language tests  
Receive feedback on each of their translation projects
Our proofreaders, editors and QA specialists:
 Are native speakers of the target language  
Have either a linguistic or subject-specific background  
Review each translation for accuracy, style, and grammar  
Ensure the translated content flows and reads as if it had been written in the target language 
Our project managers:
Are fluent in written and spoken English and German    
Are experienced in using a number of software applications, including CAT tools  
Manage your project from its very beginning to its end, when it is delivered to you  
Ensure that all your requirements are fully understood and implemented    
Supervise quality assurance and monitor deadlines
Our localization engineers
Have many years of experience in managing large localization projects  
Are experienced in a wide range of localization tools    
Control all the technical aspects of your localization project, from initial analysis to final testing  
Monitor and keep up to date with the latest IT developments
Our DTP operators:
Have a wealth of in-depth experience in desktop publishing  
Are experts in a range of graphics and publishing programs  
Are responsible for all the graphic work of your project such as layout, formatting, and graphic localization
Are you a freelance translator or translation agency? And are you interested in translating for ACP Traductera? If you would like to become part of our busy and professional team, please click here:

Translation Quality Checking Procedures

Three main levels of quality checking procedures are applied to the ACP Traductera work flow:
1. In-House Check
The Project Manager always checks the translation when it is received from a supplier, and before it is sent back to you.
  • The in-house check focuses on these aspects:
  • compliance with specific instructions (deadline, glossaries, parallel texts, DTP etc);
  • target file functionality (hidden text in RTF files, file format, file name etc);
  • text formatting;
  • spell-checking;
  • accuracy of names and numbers;
  • target text completeness.
2. Grammar and Style Review
Reviewer checks and corrects:
  • target language quality;
  • grammar;
  • style;
  • consistency.
3. Revision
Revision focuses on these aspects:
  • translation accuracy;
  • terminology;
  • target language quality;
  • style;
  • consistency;
  • file functionality;
  • correlation with a terminology glossary (if available).
What is the process when translating your texts?


  • Across Language Server
  • SDL Trados Studio  Professional
  • MemoQ Server 
  • SDLX 
  • Wordfast Pro



 ISO 9001
ACP Traductera was awarded the ISO 9001:2000 Certificate in September 2007.
We have successfully passed a re-certification audit and our compliance with ISO 9001 has again been confirmed, and extended until 2017.
The Certification Audit, conducted by the internationally recognized TÜV NORD Certification body, confirmed our high orientation towards quality management systems, customer satisfaction and continual improvement.
We are very proud of the fact that, in his report, the independent auditor not only stated compliance with ISO 9001 standard, but highlighted ACP Traductera´s positive customer approach, the high professional level of all our staff, and our responsible approach towards quality management systems.
EN 17100
ACP Traductera has been awarded the ISO 17100 certificate by TÜV NORD as the first company in the Czech Republic in May 2016.
As with the previous EN 15038 Quality Standard, the most important feature of the IS0 17100 is the definition of the translation process, whereby the translation is just one of the steps of the process and does not guarantee quality if no revision by a second translator is carried out, as well as the precise definition of the professional abilities of each of the participants in the translation process, principally the translators, revisers and translation project managers.
Any translation service under ISO 17100:2015 must include, as a minimum, translation and revision (bilingual editing).
ISO 9001
ISO 9001
ISO 17100
ISO 17100


We regard all the information contained in your projects as confidential. All of our external translators, proofreaders, terminology specialists, and in-house staff have signed a confidentiality clause.

 We have a reliable back-up system and we back-up data on a daily basis.

 We archive all your projects to make them available for you at any future time.

 For antivirus protection, we regularly update the virus database of our antivirus program.