We stand with Ukraine

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We stand with Ukraine


Messages from our fellow translators and other freelancers from Ukraine do not allow us to stay inactive.


We are currently assembling a team of Ukrainian interpreters to help refugees in Czechia.

Our translation services are from now completely free of charge to all humanitarian organizations engaged in help to Ukrainians.


What else can we do?


This is an email we received from one of our Ukrainian suppliers in the last difficult days.


„Now we are going through the most difficult period in the history of our country.

Russian troops are bombing residential areas, hospitals, and kindergartens. Yesterday in Kyiv, a Russian tank ran over a car with a driver inside. This morning, a rocket hit a residential building in the city centre. Civilians and soldiers are killed daily.

We need support. If you feel to do it, you can make a donation for the Ukrainian Army using the bank details on the website of the National Bank of Ukraine. This will help to move from the words of support to acts of support.“


👉 Our translation industry peers from Ukraine confirm on social networks that financial aid to the army is the most important thing at the moment.

Any help counts. Each of us can contribute to defend the peace and democracy in Europe.


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