Localizaton for E-commerce

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More and more e-shops are using machine translation to translate their products into another language.

On the face of it, that may sound like bad news for human translators, but this is not the case. With so many different online shops, add-ons for them to function in the modern world, and new marketplace platforms, we have ample new opportunities to engage.

ACP Traductera, assisted by its translators, will:

☑️ localise your software applications, web interfaces and e-shop;
☑️ transcreate and copywrite your marketing assets;
☑️ deliver professional translations in multiple sectors;
☑️ have your texts proofread by native speakers;
☑️ post-edit machine translations;
☑️ supply you with low-cost, rapid-turnaround, professional machine translation.

And perhaps our most important quality of all is that we are not a machine, so you can discuss what you need with us, human to human. 

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