99% satisfaction level

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ACP Traductera evaluated the results of our client survey from 2014 as follows:
• In 2014 our foreign customers evaluated the quality of our services with a unanimous 99% satisfaction level!
• How we approach our customers was evaluated as very good or good, according to a number of sub-sections: communication level – 100%, language skills – 95%, professionalism – 95% and willingness – 94%.
• ACP Traductera is 97,8% ABLE TO MEET ITS DEADLINES!
• Most of our customers feel we offer the ideal range of services to meet all their needs.
This is what our customers said about us:
“I  like your services!”
“Good work and very friendly and helpful project managers.”
“Pleasant to work with and always good communication”
“Good response times and very helpful personell.”
“Sie sind immer zuverlässig, hilfsbereit und entgegenkommend – gefällt mir sehr gut!”
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