The ACP Traductera a.s. takes the “Bike to Work” challenge

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The competition “Bike to Work” is organised by Auto*Mat, which campaigns for a higher quality of life in towns and cities. It encourages public, foot and cycle transport and also sensible car use.

During the month of May, 16,347 participants took this challenge and peddled to and from work, making over 400,000 green journeys.

Our six-member team accepted this challenge for the fourth year running, and this year 69.25% of our regular journeys were made without using a car. Our team took 31st place out of 71 teams competing in Jindřichův Hradec County and thanks to not using our cars we reduced our carbon footprint by 55 841,5 g. Many of us intend to continue biking to work, protecting our environment.

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