A unanimous satisfaction rate of 99.5% with our services in 2017

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Every year, we ask our clients how satisfied they are with our services and their feedback is very valuable for us. Our most recent satisfaction survey shows that 99.5% of our clients were either satisfied or very satisfied with our services. Over the past five years we have achieved very similar results, always showing nearly 100% satisfaction, something about which we are very proud. We are also doing our utmost to continue that trend into the future.

Clients evaluated our:

  • availability, willingness, professionalism and language skills of our project managers
    (evaluated mostly as ‘very good’)
  • ability to meet deadlines (100% satisfaction)
  • our software equipment (satisfied)

Clients who we have worked with for more than one year indicated their satisfaction of our mutual cooperation, evaluating it as the same or better.

A few comments from our satisfaction survey:

“Precise project management, delivery dates respected, flexible conflict solution thinking.”

“The PMs have always communicated with me clearly and throughout the project about any potential deadline issues or to request extensions as needed.”

“I recently had a project with a rare language combination, which was not part of the languages you had listed in your system. However, you answered very quickly and were able to take care of this rare language combination, anyway. So very satisfied with all the help I got in this context.”

“Traductera continues to provide a top notch service!”

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