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The competition that beats air pollution – we couldn’t miss it!

Seven members from two teams from ACP Traductera took part in this year’s competition in May. Even though no one could travel to work because of the pandemic, it was a great challenge for all of us to make ourselves active in sport, while facing home lockups.

This year’s competition was exceptional. Even before planning could begin, Covid-19 disrupted the event. Nevertheless, the organizers found a solution, and we were able to participate from our homes. Instead of cycling every day from work to home and back, we counted other sport activities – running, walking, cycling, swimming, fitness, yoga, in fact, any form of exercise. The aim of the competition was to reach 100% regularity, or the highest rate possible, in our daily sport activities.

… and the results of our teams weren’t  bad at all:

  • Total placement out of 43 teams: 29 and 33
  • Total regularity of sport activities: 75%
  • Total kilometres ’travelled’: 842
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